Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Diabetes Doesn't Have to Lead to Chronic Kidney Disease

By: Groshan Fabiola

Diabetes causes damage to the kidneys by causing harm to the small blood vessels that make the kidneys filters. If the filters get really damaged then chronic kidney disease develops. This is an incurable disease but it can be controlled. An early treatment of diabetes helps by reducing the damage the kidneys receive so that when dialysis is needed the kidneys won't fail.
If identified at the right moment the physician will be able to give you a treatment that will stop the disease to damage further the body. Insulin dependent diabetes (Type 1) can be diagnosed very easy and early because of the very rapid symptoms, so that the kidneys won't get damaged. If one has type 1 diabetes he`ll surely know it, but if he has type 2 or non-insulin dependent diabetes he may not find out about it for years because the first symptoms appear after at least 3 years. This means that the small blood vessels that make up the kidneys filters are already damaged by the high sugar level in the blood. This is when one of the first kidney disease symptom appear. It is called microalbuminuria and it is characterized by a really high volume of protein in the urine. That protein should have remained in the blood but because the damage sustained by the kidneys it reaches the urine.
After someone is diagnosed with diabetes of any type, he should do regular microalbumin checking. This will help a physician to see if there's any damage on the kidneys. The doctor will give you a plan to keep. This isn't a radical plan; type 1 diabetes ill people need to take their insulin while type 2 just needs to watch their diet and make allot of exercise.
If a patient has a high blood pressure and diabetes in the same time he has more chances to develop kidney disease (also know as nephropathy). In this case he will be prescribed ACE inhibitors to get the blood pressure. Studies have show that ACE inhibitors are a good treatment against kidney disease even if the patient has a regular blood pressure.
If someone is diagnosed with diabetes it his crucial he has a healthy life. Alcohol and cigarettes will only get in the treatments way. Psychical exercise should be made as often as possible.
Not in all cases a patient diagnosed with diabetes will develop chronic cancer disease. If you live a healthy life and you follow your doctors advice you can reduce and even avoid kidney damage.
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