Monday, January 29, 2007

Kidney, Its Functions in the Human Body

By: Bishal Boro

The kidneys are like the bean formed excretory organs in the vertebrates. Kidneys are the Part of urinary system; it helps in the filtering out of the wastes particularly urea from the blood plus excrete them, all along by means of water, as the urine. In the medical field which studies kidneys and its various diseases affecting the parts of kidney is called as the nephrology, starting from the Greek name for the kidney; the adjective sense "kidney connected is renal, from the Latin. In human beings, kidneys are situated in the posterior area of the abdomen. Which is present one on both side of the spine; the exact right kidney sits merely below the liver, and the left underneath the diaphragm as well as adjoining to the spleen. Apart from that each kidney are the part of the adrenal gland which is also known as the suprarenal gland. The common irregularity inside the abdominal cavity reasons up by the liver consequences in the right kidney to be rather less important than the left one.

In the normal human adult, every kidney is on 11 cm long and regarding 5 cm thick, and also weighing 150 grams. The Kidneys weigh around 0.5 percent of the person's whole body weight. These kidneys are the "bean-shaped" organs, as well as include a concave side facing here medially. On top of this medial feature of each kidney is the opening, known as the hilum, which own up the whole of renal artery, the renal nerves, vein and the ureter.

The external portion of our kidney is called as the renal cortex, which sit directly underneath the kidneys as the loose adjoining tissue/fibrous capsule. Profound to the cortex all lays the renal medulla that is separated into 10-20 renal pyramids in human beings. Each pyramid jointly with the connected overlying cortex appears as the renal lobe. The slant of every pyramid known as the papilla empties keen on a calyx, plus the calyces unfilled into the renal pelvis. The pelvis sends out urine toward the urinary bladder by means of the urethra. The kidneys are the retroperitoneal this means that they lie at the back of the peritoneum, the inside layer of the abdominal cavity. These are just about at the vertebral stage T12 to L3, plus the right kidney typically lies slightly lesser than the left in arrange to provide accommodation the liver. The upper division of the kidneys is partially secluded by the eleventh and the twelfth ribs, and each entire kidney is surrounded with two layer of fat "the perirenal fat as well as the pararenal fat which help in the process of cushion it. Within very rare cases, this is also possible to have originated three kidneys.
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