Saturday, February 17, 2007

Food Consumption and its Implications on Kidney

Human body needs food for proper functioning. In case Food Consumption is in- sufficient the same results in depletion of energy resulting further into down conditioning of body as essential minerals intake like Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Proteins and other Minerals are forbidden. However, if Food itself is not rich in Minerals and other nutrients body will suffer from its deficiency resulting into related Disorders. On the Other hand, if particular nutrients are consumed in higher quantity than required by Body, Disorder will relate accordingly for excessive intake e.g) Proteins prohibited for Kidney Disorders as too much of Protein affects functioning of Kidneys, Fats for Obesity and Carbohydrates for Diabetic body.

There are certain chemical changes that take place when food is consumed and it is up to Human Body to receive and reject particular constituent of food as per requirement. The unwanted part is excreted out of body through urine, sweat and faeces. In case any one of this excretion is not functioning properly can lead to serious complications as toxins/residual/unwanted has to come out of body.

Kidney problems can be caused due to excessive consumption of mentioned food items:

1) Excessive consumption of Rice and Potato can lead to stones of Calcium Oxalate Origin as they help to form Oxalate of Calcium resulting into Kidney stones. Calcium rich products consumed in excess can lead to stones in Kidney.

2) Reduced Water intake reduces urine quantity and allows foreign elements to settle in urinary passage resulting into Kidney problems.

3) Excessive consumption of Proteins also disturbs normal functioning of Kidney and results into Protein Urea.

4) Excessive Fats would obstruct urine flow resulting into Kidney problems.

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