Sunday, February 18, 2007

UREMIA and its Implications

The condition where excessive amount of Urea and other nitrogenous waste elements are present in Blood signifies UREMIA. It is kind of urinary poisoning which can be caused due to impure water/salt metabolism and chemical decomposition of complex substances by body.

These waste products are excreted in Urine by Kidneys. Now, incase of Kidney failure, these waste elements are found in Blood instead of Urine. This condition results in feeling of nausea, vomiting, restlessness, and if not treated well in time may also lead to serious complications. Normally, such cases are subjected to dialysis. Actually, Uremia and Anuria are closely related disorders as one may lead to other, however the disease and condition can be classified into acute and chronic forms.

Uremia patient may show symptoms of severe headache, experience breathing problem, may feel restless as mentioned earlier and suffer High Blood Pressure as well. Whereas in advance or chronic stage apart from above mentioned symptoms patient may show excessive hiccough, Diarrhoea ,Renal Asthma/Dyspnoea, itching of skin, fluctuations in body temperature resulting into end stage conditions.

Measures in Chronic and persistent unfavorable Kidney Disorder symptoms:

In situation as mentioned above treating patient with Medicines may not be of much use as symptoms are very complex in nature and even good doctors/physicians may face problems. One viable option practiced is Kidney Transplant, however in case of any infection that may also not work. It is also very costly treatment. Homepathic or Urine Therapy treatment can be also tried in case allopathic treatment is not affordable or feasible subject to guidance and advice of concerned physician.


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