Monday, February 19, 2007

Know – Kidneys and Urination Process

Kidneys are Organs in our body that is responsible to eliminate toxins from the blood. Kidneys are filter and do not allow any vital substance to escape from body while they are functioning properly and healthy. When there is Kidney disorder, these toxins get mixed with blood and vitiate our body. Kidneys are full of Blood vessels and retain essential constituents of blood that are important to maintain balance and functioning of body. Kidney also comprises of urineferous tubules which can take up urine from blood.

Urination Process:

The Filtered urine reaches Urinary Bladder through Ureters and comes into bladder slowly. Eventually, bladder gets filled in with urine which results into urgency to pass urine. Urethra (tube) takes Urine from bladder to exterior. In Males, Urethra is almost 20 cms and In Female is 3.5 cms.

There can be cases wherein there is urge to pass urine, however urine may not be passed or could come out in painful manner. This may be caused to following reasons:

  • Ureters may have got narrowed or lost its elasticity.
  • Kidney Functioning may not be proper. Either of the Kidneys may be diseased or not functioning.
  • Kidney’s might be unable to produce Urine and the same results into spread of Urea in system called Anurea.
  • Urine containing harmful elements.
  • Urinary Bladder unable to hold stored urine and mechanism of Bladder is incompetent.
  • Insufficient intake of water may also result into this kind of situation.
  • There is higher quantity of loss of fluid due to loose motions, cholera, vomiting or Dehydration
  • Urinray Bladder gets bloated due to suppressed urine resulting into pain and swelling.
  • Kidney stone formation or Cancer ,Tuberculosis of Kidney

Please note that when Urine is clean, transparent, white with yellowish stinge, without burning sensation, regularized discharged, no feeling of residual, no blood, pus or other infection and no straining and pressure feeling while urinating indicates proper urination.

Whereas, Urine with pain, urine chocolate color or black or dark brown, bad smell, frequent urgency or hesitancy, thick and turbid indicates some kind of infection. Improper functioning of Kidney may result into large amount of sugar may come in blood or urine.


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